Create Demo App Credentials

Step 1: Generate the application password from your current WordPress site.

A) Go to your wordpress site and log in with the administrator role.

B) On the side navigation, Go to Users > Click on Profile.

C) Scroll down to the application password section. Enter a new application password name (an app name you wish to give) and click on add new application password. This will generate an application password for you.

D) Save the application password name that you entered and the application password generated in a safe location. You will need this in later steps.

E)  (Optional) If you do not see the Application Passwords section please add the following code to your WordPress child theme’s “functions.php” file.

add_filter( 'wp_is_application_passwords_available', '__return_true' );

Note: If you have successfully generated the application password, then please save the application password in a safe location, you will not be able to retrieve it later.

Step 2: Register your WordPress site on the service demo site.

A) Go to the service demo site: and register yourself. Now log in to the demo site.

B) On the top navigation, go to the My Account section. Now Click on the “Demo Application Registration”.

C) Enter the site URL, Your WordPress admin username, and Application password generated in “ Step1 [C] ” and click on the save button. This will generate a product key and application id for you.

D) The Product key and application id are generated successfully. You will need this in later steps. Now on the same page go to the “Download Plugin“ section and download the Ciyashop Plugin file “”.

E)  Now go back to your wordpress admin panel. On the side navigation go to Plugin section > Click on the “Add new” plugin button.

F) Click on the “Upload Plugin” button > Click on Choose file and add the “” file from your computer and click on the install now button.

G) Once the installation is complete, click on the “Activate plugin” button.

H) Post the activation you will find Ciyashop Pro in the side navigation. Click on Ciyashop Pro > Go to the license section.

I) Here you will be asked to enter the Product key generated from the service demo site (You can find it in “Step 2 [C]” and click on the check button.

J) Click on the “Let’s Go” button for the installation process.

K) You will be redirected to the setup wizard screen > Click on the let’s go button.

L) Select the default theme for your application and continue.

M) Now a QR code will be generated. Scan the QR code from your mobile device, to activate the demo application on your device.

Note: You can find configuration details and the QR code from the API settings page after the setup is complete.

N) After scanning the QR code you will get the option to open the link. You can select the default browser to open the link and it will redirect you to the “Ciyashop Multistore” app on the play store.

O) You will be redirected to the App Store to download the “Ciyashop Multistore” application > After the download is complete, click the “Continue” button to open the application.

P) Your WordPress site store is activated successfully. You can check the products in the application.

Note: If you have successfully activated the demo ciyashop multistore application you can skip the below step 3.

Step 3: Activate Demo Application on Device Manually. (Optional Step)

A) Install and open the application on the device > Go to the Account section.

Home Page
Account Page

B) Click on the “Activate Demo” button > Enter the “Application Id” generated from the service demo site “Refer Step 2 (D)” and click on the “Activate” button 


B) You can click on the scan button to scan the QR code generated from the service demo site by going to the demo site “Step 2 (A)” and then go to the Account section > Application setting. Here you will find the QR code.

C) Application will verify the “Application id” and refresh with the new data.

Step 4: Check Ciyashop Demos (Optional Step).

D) Click the Ciyashop demo setup under the Account section > You can activate a particular demo from the “CiyaShop Demo List” by simply clicking on it.

Account Page

Note: You can clear the activated CiyaShop demo by clicking on the “Reset Data” button.

Step 5: Import sample product for site. (Optional Step)

A) Now go back to your WordPress admin site. On the side navigation go to the Product section > Click on “Start Import” and browse the “sample_products.csv” file and import products.

Now your application demo is ready. You can check features like view products, add to cart, checkout, manage orders, wishlist products, etc.

If you are facing any issues while creating a demo application, then please contact us via Our Support Forum by generating a ticket.

Thank You for Choosing Us!

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