Materialize Angular Js Forms Introduction

This documentation will give you an understanding of how Materialize Forms is structured and guide you in performing the most common functions. If you require further assistance, related to topics not covered in this documentation, then please contact us via Our Support Forum

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Author: Potenza Global Solutions


  1. Open the ... /Main File Folder to find all the Source Files
  2. Materialize Forms contains:
    • materialize – Source Folder (all the css, js, fonts, images, html files)
    • documentation – Documentation Folder


You require web server such as local host or web server to run the project.

Configure / Run Forms

  1. Unzip Main file and upload Materialize forler to your hosting.
  2. Run page directly URL: http://www.

Now you are ready to explore the functionalities provided in this Materialize Angular Js Forms.


You will get the data from form in json format. Which will be passed in url that you will enter at below marked location in code.


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