Awesome Form Builder Introduction

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Author: Potenza Global Solutions

Awesome Form Builder Components

  1. Open the ... /Main File Folder to find all the Source Files
  2. Awesome Form Builder contains:
    • Form Builder – Source Folder (Visual Studio 2014 Solution File)
    • DB – (Database Script (scripts.sql) For Starter Kit)
    • Documentation – Documentation Folder


  1. .NET Framework 4.0 or above
  2. Internet Information Services 7 or above
  3. MS SQL Server 2008 or above
  4. WCF Services

Configure / Install Application

  1. Unzip Main file and upload form builder to your hosting.
  2. Create your DB in Sql server 2008 or higher and run scripts.sql from db folder.
  3. Open Web.config file and change values of server name, database name,username and password in connectionStrings
  4. Make sure that application use Classic ASP.NET 4.0 Application pool
  5. Change the base URL in formbuilder/BaseURL.json file similar to your domain name
  6. Run website and login with default account: URL:
    • Username : Admin
    • Password : 123

Now you are ready to explore the functionalities provided in this Awesome – Multi Purpose Angular Js Form Builder. Browse the website

How To Update Previous Version

Run the “FormBuilder_Updated” script file from DB folder in your existing database.


To make it easy for you to use our form builder we have made some videos to get you through the process of setup.

  1. How to configure / install application
  2. How to create forms
  3. How to Integrate forms



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