1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
    1. Requirements
    2. WordPress Installation
    3. Theme Installation
      1. with Envato Market Plugin
      2. with FTP Client
      3. Through WordPress
    4. Theme Setup Wizard
    5. Child Theme
    6. Sample Data
  3. Theme Settings
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    2. Site Logo
    3. Site Preloader Option
    4. Back to Top
    5. Header
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      2. Topbar
    6. Footer
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      2. Copyright Section
      3. Footer Above Content
    7. Page Header
    8. Page Settings
    9. Blog/Post Settings
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      2. Archive Settings
      3. Single Post
    10. Portfolio
    11. Team
    12. WooCommerce
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      2. Products Listing
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      5. Quick View
      6. My Account
    13. FAQ Settings
    14. Color Scheme
    15. Site Info
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      2. Site Contacts
      3. Cookie Law Info
      4. Opening Hours
    16. Social Sharing
    17. Typography
      1. Typography
      2. Typekit Fonts
      3. Additional Fonts
      4. Custom Fonts
    18. 404 Page
    19. Maintenance
    20. MailChimp Settings
    21. Instagram
    22. Google
    23. Custom CSS/JS
    24. Sample Data
    25. Import/Export
  4. Elementor Widget/WPBakery Shortcodes
    1. Banner
    2. Blockquote Settings
    3. Blog Posts
    4. Button
    5. Callout
    6. Clients Logo
    7. Contact Form
    8. Countdown
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    11. Image Comparison
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    33. Testimonials
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    35. Video
    36. Accordion
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    38. Tabs
  5. Additional
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    4. Custom Sidebar Widget
    5. Custom Menu
    6. Topbar Menu
  6. Widgets
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    6. WebGatha Recent Posts
    7. WebGatha Social
    8. WebGatha Testimonials
  7. Extra
    1. Browser Support
    2. How to rate this item
    3. Translation
      1. Poedit
      2. Loco Translate
      3. WPML
      4. Polylang
  8. Source & Credits


In this section, you can manage portfolio archive and details pages like layouts, columns, style, thumbnail size, etc.

This section contains the below fields:

Name Description
Portfolio Listing
Portfolio Sidebar You can set portfolio archive page sidebar alignment as full width, left sidebar, or right sidebar.
Portfolio Sidebar Widget You can select the sidebar for the portfolio archive page.
This field is available if “Portfolio Sidebar” is set to “Left Sidebar” or “Right Sidebar”.
Portfolio Layout You can manage portfolio layout as a grid or masonry.
Column Size You can set column size as two, three, or four columns.
This field is available if “Portfolio Sidebar” is set to “Full Width”.
Portfolio Style you can manage portfolio style. There are 15 styles for the portfolio.
Show Categories Filters You can manage portfolio filter options.
Portfolio Order By Sort retrieved portfolio by parameters like Title, Date, Modified Date, or ID.
Portfolio Order Designates the ascending or descending order of the portfolio.
Portfolio Fullscreen This option is used to set the portfolio listing page on a widescreen. You can enable/disable full width for the portfolio page.
Portfolio Thumbnail Size You can select a portfolio thumbnail size from the list.
Portfolio Details
Display Portfolio Navigation You can hide/show next/previous portfolio navigation in the portfolio detail page.
Display Related Portfolio You can hide/show related portfolios in the portfolio detail page. The related portfolio depends on the portfolio category.
Related Portfolio Title You can set the related portfolio section title.
This field is available if “Related Portfolio” is set to “Show”.
Portfolio Thumbnail Size You can set the thumbnail size of portfolio section.
Number of Related Portfolio You can set the number of portfolios you want to display in the related portfolio section.
This field is available if “Related Portfolio” is set to “Show”.
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