In this section, you can manage team archive and details pages like layouts, column, style etc.

This section contains the below fields:

Name Description
Team Listing
Team Sidebar You can set team archive page sidebar alignment as full width, left sidebar or right sidebar.
Team Sidebar Widget You can select the sidebar for the team archive page.
This field is available if “Team Sidebar” is set to “Left Sidebar” or “Right Sidebar”.
Team Content Words Enter number of the word for display in team short description.

Team Layout You can manage team layout as grid or masonry.
Team Column Size You can set column size as two, three or four columns.
This field is available if “Team Sidebar” is set to “Full Width”.
Team Style you can manage team style. There are 15 styles for team.
Show Categories Filters You can manage team filter options.
Team Order By Sort retrieved team by parameter like Title, Date, Modified Date or ID.
Team Order Designates the ascending or descending order of the team.
Team Fullscreen This option is used to set the team listing page on a wide screen. You can enable/disable full width for the team page.
Team Details
Display Team Navigation You can hide/show next/previous team navigation on the team detail page.
Display Related Team You can hide/show related teams on the team detail page. Related team depends on the team category.
Related Team Title You can set a related team section title.
This field is available if “Related Team” is set to “Show”.
Number of Related Team You can set the number team wants to display in the related team section.
This field is available if “Related Team” is set to “Show”.
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