Sample Data

You can import the sample data by running the setup wizard, or you also can use the theme options for import the sample data. For that first, activate the “WebGatha” theme and run the setup wizard.

Then activate the theme using the purchase code and install the required plugins. After the theme and plugins installations, the next step is to create a child theme if you want to customize it, then you can proceed with sample-data to install sample data. It will help you to understand the content/layout and customize the site quickly. If you want to continue from scratch, you can skip this step. The theme bundled with the sample data. It will create similar to the instance of our demo site ( It is not exactly the same because of the contents/layout of the demo site change time-to-time as per new changes).

To proceed to sample data installation using theme options, go to Theme Options > Sample Data and click on the “Install” button (and Keep Calm). And, the import will run and processed in the background.

You can import additional pages using an Additional pages importer, which contains the additional home pages.

Note: You have to activate the theme first. Without activation of the theme, you can’t import the sample data.

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