Apart from the necessary WordPress requirements, here are listed recommended server configuration requirements to make the theme’s functions work correctly.

PHP version: 5.6 (minimum) 7.2, or higher (recommended)
memory_limit – 128M, or higher
max_execution_time – 180, or higher
upload_max_filesize – 64M, or higher

Most problems, such as white screen, out of memory error, sample data import failure, etc., usually arrive due to server settings and excessively low PHP configuration limits. You can change the necessary configurations, either by yourself (if your hosting provider allows you to do so) or contact your hosting provider to increase the limits.

So, make sure your server configuration is all set up, and the theme and plugins are working correctly. Enough server configuration will also ensure fast speed and increased performance.

Note Please check the theme requirements before you start with the theme. You can check PHP configuration and limits in Admin Panel > Tools > Site Health > Info [tab]. Site Health tool is built-in in WordPress v5.2 or greater. If you are using WordPress v5.1.x or lower, use Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin.

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