Pricing Table

This element allows inserting the pricing table in the content

Param Name Description
Style Select the pricing table style.
Title Enter the pricing table title.
Description Select pricing table description.
Price Enter the pricing table price.
Interval Enter the pricing table interval.
Button Title Enter the pricing table button title.
Button Link Enter the pricing table button link.
Button Shape Choose the pricing table button shape.
Highlight this plan Mark this checkbox to highlight this plan.
Animation Style Choose your animation style.
Background Image Select the background image.
Icon Image Choose your icon image.
It is a repeater field where you can add multiple items. It contains fields as below.
Enable Mark Select this checkbox to enable mark..
Select Mark( Checked ) Select the Mark(True\false).
List Title Enter the list item title.
List Description Enter the list item description.
Icon Library Select icon library.
Icon Select an icon from the library.
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