Translation with Poedit is a .po file editing translation method.

This app provides an easy method to create new translations for any language, edit existing translations, synchronize strings, and generate the .mo file.

To edit catalog.po file, follow the below steps:

  1. Open Poedit
  2. Choose “New from Po/POT file.
  3. Select the pot file for WebGatha Theme wp-content/themes/webgatha/languages/webgatha.pot.
  4. Select the new language you want to translate. Choose the country, (e.g., French) if you wish to the language in general, or if you want the more exact, select French (France) or French (Madagascar) to consider local dialects.
  5. Save the file with your language name, prefixed with the theme name, like “webgatha-fr_FR.po” for “French (France)” or “webgatha-fr_MG.po” for “French (Madagascar)“. It will generate both a .po and .mo files for your translation.
  6. Place these files into Folderwp-content/languages/themes/.

Same as above, you can edit the pot file for the plugin.
WebGatha Core (Plugin): wp-content/plugins\webgatha-core\languages\webgatha-core.pot

How to Update Translated Language File

When a theme is updated and text strings are updated in the language files, you can update your language translation file to sync with the latest changes. For this, follow the below steps.

  1. Open Poedit.
  2. Open the translated .po file of your desired language in POEdit.
  3. Select Catalogue > “Update from POT file’ in top menu.
  4. In the opening file dialog, choose the webgatha.pot file from the wp-content/themes/webgatha/languages folder. The catalogue will then be auto-updated with all the new text strings, and your custom ones will be preserved.
  5. Save the file after updating and adding translations.
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