Option 2: with FTP Client

If you prefer to install your theme via FTP / SFTP, you can. It is a straightforward process. There are some necessary steps which cannot be miss.

For this, first, you need to install an FTP (file transfer protocol) client application. You can use the FileZilla or any other FTP Client, as per your choice and system environments.

Once the FTP client installed, open it and connect to your server (we are using FileZilla for demonstration). For more information on the FTP server, refer to this link.

Now, extract the theme from downloaded zip (Please make sure you’ve downloaded it with “Installable WordPress file only”). Then, navigate to the “themes” folder on your server, it should be at “Your_Website_Root_Folder/wp-content/themes”. Now, upload the extracted “theme” folder in the themes folder on the server.

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