Mega Menu

WebGatha boosts the default functionality of the WordPress menu to adding mega menu in the theme, So it is more comfortable and smooth.

Create a menu from Appearance > Menus and drag and drop post, page, category or anything which you need in the menu. Mega menu is enabled only on the primary menu. Click on “Enable Mega Menu” from WebGatha Mega Menu.

If WebGatha Mega Menu does not appear then enable from Screen Options > WebGatha Mega Menu.

When you hover on the menu item, You will see the “Menu Setting” option.

Menu Setting comes with the below options:

  1. Link Anchor: Link where you want to navigate.
  2. Menu Color Scheme: Select color scheme Dark or Light.
  3. Design Type: Select Design type Dropdown or Mega menu.
  4. Open Submenu On Click: Open sub-menu.
  5. Enable Menu Link: Open menu link. It will appear when the “Open Submenu On Click” option selected.
  6. Select Icon: Select Icon for Menu.
  7. Label: Menu item label.
  8. Label Color: Menu item label color.
  9. Background Image: Select background image for the mega menu.
  10. Background Repeat: Select Background image repeat type.
  11. Background Size: Select Background image size.
  12. Background Position : Select Background image position.

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