This element allows inserting list items with icons instead of bullets.

Param Name Description
Title Tag Select Title Tag.
Title Text Transform Select Title Text Transform.
Title Color Select Title color.
Title Hover Color Select Title Hover Color, Working, if you have add list item content link.
Add Icon? Select this check box to add the icon to list items.
Add Icon (Checked)
Icon style type Select Icon style Type from Default, Border, and Flat.
Icon Library Select icon library. With Visual Composer you can add icons from following libraries:
– Font Awesome
– Open Iconic
– Typicons
– Entypo
– Linecons
– Pixel
– Mono Social
Icon Select icon from the selected library.
Icon Color Select Icon Color.
Icon style type (Border, Flat)
Icon shape Select Icon Shape.
Icon Background Color Select Icon Background Color ( Note : It will only work for “Flate” Icon style type ).
List Items It is repeater field where you can add multiple list item. It contains fields as below.
Title Enter Title.
Title Link Enter/select Title link.
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