This element allows inserting InfoBox in content.

Param Name Description
Infobox Type Select the infobox style. There are seventeen styles.
Infobox Layout Color Choose the infobox layout color.
Icon Position Left in Mobile Set icon position left in mobile screen.
Highlight Enable/Disable highlight on the infobox.
Infobox Title Enter the Infobox Title.
Infobox Title Tag Select the Infobox Title Tag.
Infobox Content Enter Infobox Content.
Space Between Title and Content Enter space between title and content in pixel.
Background Image Upload/select Background image.
Background Color Select Background color.
Infobox Content Alignment Select infobox alignment.
Thumbnail Size Choose thumbnail size.
Infobox Hover Effect Select the Infobox Hover Effect. Note: This effect will only work for style-15, style-17
Read More? Select this checkbox to enable read more.
Read More? (Checked)
Infobox Read More type Select Infobox Read More type.their are two types as Button and Link.
Read More Title Enter Read More Title.
Read More Title & Link Enter read more titles and links.
Infobox Icon Select the Infobox Icon.
Infobox Icon (Font)
Icon Library Select icon library.
Icon Select an icon from the library.
Icon Color Select Icon Color.
Infobox Icon (Image)
Icon Image Upload/select icon image.
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