This element allows inserting the counter in content.

Param Name Description
Counter Type Select the counter style.
Counter Alignment Select Alignment.
Animation Style Choose your animation style.
Counter Number Enter the counter number.
Counter Color Select counter color.
Counter Color (Secondary) Select secondary counter color, will create gradient effect.
Counter Title Enter Counter title.
Title Color Select Title color.
Title Color (Secondary) Select secondary title color will create a gradient effect.
Enable Icon Select this checkbox to enable icon on the button.
Enable Icon (Checked)
Icon Source Select icon source among Font or Image.
Icon Source(Font)
Icon Position Select icon position as Top, Left, or Right.
Icon Library Select icon library.
Icon Select icon from the library.
Icon Size Select icon size.
Icon Shape Select Icon Shape.
Icon Color Select the Icon color.
Background Color Select Background Color.
Background Color (Secondary) Select secondary background color will create a gradient effect.
Icon Source(Image)
Icon Image Upload/select icon image.
Counter Font Size Enter responsive font size for counter in pixel.
Title Font Size Enter responsive font size for title in pixel.
Use google fonts Select this checkbox to use google fonts.
Use google fonts(Checked)
Font Family Select the font family.
Font style Select font styling.
Google Fonts Enqueue Source Choose the source of Google Fonts CSS.
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