Element allows inserting the callout in content.

Param Name Description
Callout Type Select callout style.
Color Scheme Select color scheme.
Callout Title Enter Callout Title.
Title Element Tag Select Title Element Tag.
Description Enter Description.
Animation Style Choose your animation style
Button Title Enter Button Title.
Link Select title and URL.
Button Type Select Button Type.
Button Shape Select Button Shape.
Text Color Select Text Color.
Text Hover Color Select Text Hover Color.
Button Type (Default)
Button Background Color Select Button Background Color.
Background Hover Color Select Background Hover Color.
Button Type (Border)
Border Color Select Border Color.
Border Hover Color Select Border Hover Color.
Show Icon? The icon will show under a button. So, it will show when you set button.
Show Icon? (Checked)
Icon Library Select icon library.
Icon Select icon from library.
Icon Position Select Icon Position.
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