This element allows inserting the button.

Param Name Description
Button Type Select a type of a button among Default,Border, and Link.
Button Title Enter the title for button.
Enable lightbox Select this checkbox to enable lightbox popup.
Enable lightbox( Unchecked )
Title & Link Set the link and title for button.
Enable lightbox( Checked )
Static block Select Static blocks for lightbox.
Button Size Select Button Size .
Button Shape Select Button Shape.
Button Shape on Hover Select Button Shape on hover.
Border Style Select Button Border Style.
Border Style on Hover Select Button Style on hover.
Animation Style Choose your animation style
Text Color Select Button Text color.
Text Hover Color Select Button Text Hover color.
Border Color Select Button Border color.
Border Hover Color Select Button Border Hover color.
Background Color Select Background Color.
Background Color (Secondary) Select secondary background color, will create gradient effect.
Background Hover Color Select Background Hover Color.
Background Hover Color (Secondary) Select secondary background hover color, will create gradient effect.
Button Hover Background Effect Select Hover Background Effect.
Enable Icon Select this checkbox to enable icon on button.
Icon Type Select icon type among Default, Flat, and Border.
Flat Icon Style Select flat icon style.
Icon Library Select icon library.
Icon Select icon from library.
Icon Size Select icon size.
Icon Position Create creative buttons.
Icon Color Select Icon Color.
Icon Color on Hover Select Icon Color on Hover.
Icon Background Color Select Icon background color.
Icon Background Color on Hover Select Icon Background Color on Hover.
Icon Border Color Select Icon border color.
Icon Border Color on Hover Select Icon Border Color on Hover.
Button Type(Default, Border)
Enable Shadow Effect Select this checkbox to enable shadow effect on button.
Enable Shadow Effect(Checked)
Enable 3D Effect Select this checkbox to enable 3D effect on button.
Enable 3D Effect(Checked)
Button Shadow Select shadow effect.
Shadow Color Select Shadow Color.
Shadow Color on Hover Select Shadow Color on Hover.
Use google fonts Select this checkbox to use google fonts.
Use google fonts(Checked)
Font Family Select font family.
Font style Select font styling.
Google Fonts Enqueue Source Choose the source of Google Fonts CSS.
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