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  1. Open the … /Main File Folder to find all the Source Files
  2. Cupid love contains:
    • CupidLove – Folder
    • Documentation – Documentation Folder

Web Admin


Following are the requirements to run web admin properly on your domain.

  • AWS server hosting( Strictly Recommended )
  • PHP 7+
  • MYSQL 5.7+
  • Enable mod_rewrite
  • Enable mysqli extension
  • Enable gd Library
  • Google Place API Key


Follow these steps to start using the cupid love web admin application on your domain.

  1. Unzip your Package bundle
  2. Go to the Coupidlove/Adminapp
  3. Copy File
  4. Paste those files in your server desired folder. e.g. www/html/
  5. Locate the folder where you want to host this application.
  6. Paste the ZIP file and Extract it.
  7. Create database and database user on the server
  8. Locate the installed directory URL in the browser. example:
  9. For the first time, you will see the installation process.
      • Requirements
      • Step – 1. Database Details.

        Enter Database details such as : Host Name, Database Username, User Password and Database Name.

      • Step – 2. Create Admin Account

        Enter Email address and password. This account will be used to access the admin panel.

      • Step – 3. General Configuration.

        Select Language you want to set (English, Fench or Arabic)

        Enter Facebook and Google API key.

      • Step – 4. Android Setting.

        Enter Android FCM key for sending the push notification.

      • Step – 5. Other Details.

    Enter Details all details you have.

  10. Run website : URL:
  11. Admin Url:
  12. Default Admin User Details:
    • Username:
    • Password: 123456
  13. You API URL will be:



Following are the requirements to run the Android application.

  • XMPP Server ( Strictly Recommended Ejabberd Server hosted on Amazon AWS)
  • Android Studio.
  • Google Play Store Developer Account. (Submit an application on play-store.)
  • Database and Webservice setup.
  • Firebase setup for Google login.
  • Facebook App key.


Push Notification Firebase Setup

  1. Go to and follow instructions to create a new app within firebase.
  2. Click on “add project” to add a new project to firebase.
  3. After creating new project configure android application. Click on “Add Firebase to your Android app” to connect your android application to firebase.
  4. Enter project details in given form and click on REGISTER APP. (We recommend to add signing certificate SHA-1 key for better application management)
  5. Download google-service.json file and add google-service.json file in your project’s ... /CupidLove/app folder.
  6. Click on CONTINUE and FINISH for next steps of configuration.
  7. Now your application is ready for firebase integration.
  8. Go to CupidLove admin panel, select CONFIGURATION from left menu and enter your ANDROID FCM KEY.

XMPP Server Setup

To learn more about XMPP Server Click here

Install XMPP Server : Ubuntu, Windows

Learn how to setup XMPP Server using ejabberd: Ubuntu, Windows

phpMyAdmin - top

To learn how to import database in phpMyAdmin Click here

Android App Import

Now we will setup our Android to Make it communicate with our XMPP Server

  1. Open downloaded folder from Codecanyon
  2. Open CupidLove project from Android Studio.
  3. Wait for Android Studio to load setup all files and dependecies.

    Once finished your App is now ready to compile in real device or Android Emulator.

App Customization

You can change app detail from file.

  1. To Set API Please follow below steps
  2. => open …utils\ file
    => Set MAIN_URL and UPLOAD_URL as following

    public final String MAIN_URL = “http://your-server-domain/api/”;
    public final String UPLOAD_URL = “http://your-server-domain/uploads/”;
    Note:- Enter Your server domain instead of your-server-domain and paste it in your android code.

  3. Customize package-name and then provide your package-name in utils/ file and in application build file’s applicationId .
  4. Customize Application name and then provide your Application name in res/values/string.xml file and other language xml file.

In App Billing

Now we are going to setup our next money source by in app billing. To setup In app purchase go to and do as follows

  1. Sign In / Sign Up to your account and CREATE NEW APPLICATION.
  2. Then add In app products to your app and upload APK of your application to your acoount.
  3. In that app, create MANAGED in-app items provide Product ID, Title, Description, Price.

  4. Then save and generate product id.
  5. Go to CupidLove admin panel, select CONFIGURATION from left menu and enter your In-App Purchase Id in RemoveAddInAppPurchase.

Facebook Login

  1. Go to and follow instructions to create a new app withim facebook developers account to get Facebook APP ID
  2. In the corner click in your picture and drop-down to create new app or register to developers acoount then create new app

  3. After creating new app, Now go to Dashboard ckick Set Up On Facebook Login and get Facebook APP ID.
  4. Copy and paste your Facebook App ID in sting.xml file and also add in other language xml file.
  5. To make application available for public go to App Review change Make CupidLove public from No to Yes and also submit list of items that we need to get permission from user.
  6. Go to CupidLove admin panel, select CONFIGURATION from left menu and enter your FACEBOOK API KEY.

API key Generation

Login to google developers console and follow these steps to create API key.

  1. Select project or create new project.
  2. Go to credentials and create credential for API key.
  3. Restrict key to Android app.
  4. Go to Dashboard and Click on enable API.
  5. Select Google Places API for Android.
  6. Go to CupidLove admin panel, select CONFIGURATION from left menu and enter your GOOGLE PLACE API KEY.

ADMOB key Generation

Login to and these steps to create Ad unit Ids.

  1. Go to MONATIZE tab and click on MONATIZE NEW APP.
  2. Add your app and select platform iOS.
  3. Select ad format banner and name ad unit.
  4. Select ad format Interstitial and name ad unit.
  5. Go to CupidLove admin panel, select CONFIGURATION from left menu and enter your adMobKey and adMobVideoKey.

Multi Language

Now we are going to setup Multiple Language Support in Android app.Currently 4 language’s are added (English,French,Russian,Arabic). You can add other language also as per Requirements But need to make necessary changes on Admin and WebApp.You can Follow steps in given Video to add new Language in Android app.

Instagram Setup

  1. Go to and follow instructions to Register your application in Instagram.
  2. Now click in Register Your Application.
  3. Click Register a New Client to register your application in INSTAGRAM.

  4. After registring new application, you will get your application CLIENT ID and Client Secret.

  5. Go to CupidLove admin panel, select CONFIGURATION from left menu and enter your INSTAGRAM CLIENT SECRET, and INSTAGRAM CLIENT ID.
  6. .You can Follow steps in given Video to add your Insta Client ID and Client secret.


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