Theme Activation

In Constro v3.0.0, to reduce the theme package size, we moved sample-data and plugins on our server. So, to access these resources, from the server, it will require to activate the theme first.

Also, since the theme activation system is integrated into the new version, some core features will be deactivated, until the theme is not activated. Once, the theme is activated, all the features will be activated.

To activate the theme, follow the below steps:

  1. Update the theme with the latest version.
  2. Go to Admin Panel > Constro.
  3. Enter purchase-code and click on “Check” button.
  4. Click on Plugins tab. It will redirect to theme’s bundled plugins page.
  5. Install/Update the required plugins to latest version.

Once the theme is activated, it will display some tabs, including License, Support, Plugins, Theme Options, Install Demos, System Status, and Ratings.

If you are installing and activating, the theme for the first time or plugins are not updated to latest, it will display License, and Plugins tabs only. From the Plugins tab, you can install/update necessary plugins, and once all the required plugins are activated, other tabs will appear.

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