1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
    1. Installation
    2. Sample Data
  3. Theme Update
  4. Car Dealer Templates
  5. Front Submission
    1. FAQ
  6. Attributes
    1. Attributes Guide
  7. Addons
  8. Theme Settings
    1. General Settings
      1. Site Layout
      2. Site Logo
      3. Back To Top
      4. Site Preloader Option
      5. Site Header
      6. Topbar
      7. Search
      8. Page Header
      9. Site Footer
      10. Color Scheme
      11. Sidebar Settings
      12. Google API
      13. MailChimp API
      14. Performance
      15. Maintenance
    2. Inventory Settings
      1. Inventory Page
      2. Detail Page
      3. Detail Page (Mobile)
      4. Currency Settings
      5. Vehicles Listing Filters
      6. Vehicle Compare
      7. CarGurus Settings
      8. Export Vehicle Detail
      9. Geo Fencing Settings
      10. VINquery VIN Settings
    3. Lead Forms
      1. Request More Info
      2. Make an Offer
      3. Schedule Test Drive
      4. Email To Friend
      5. Financial Form
      6. Trade-In Appraisal
      7. All Forms - Field Labels
    4. Front Submission
      1. General Settings
      2. Page Settings
      3. Dashboard Endpoints
      4. Add Car Form Sections
      5. Additional Attributes
      6. Wishlist
      7. Dealer Review
      8. Advertise Item
      9. Listing Payment
    5. Page Layouts
      1. Blog Settings
      2. Archive Settings
      3. Single Post
      4. Team Page Settings
      5. Testimonials Settings
      6. 404 Page
    6. Woocommerce Settings
    7. Site Info/Social Sharing
      1. Site Contacts
      2. Social Profiles
      3. Social Sharing
    8. Custom Typography
    9. Custom CSS/JS
    10. Sample Data
    11. Team Page Template Setting
    12. FAQ Page Template Settings
  9. WPBakery Shortcodes/Elementor Widgets
    1. Vehicles Carousel / Vehicles List
    2. Promo Code
    3. Promo Code Image
    4. Testimonials
    5. Buttons
    6. Space
    7. Feature Box
    8. Feature Box Container / Feature Box Slider
    9. Counter
    10. Recent Posts
    11. Our Team
    12. Section Title
    13. Social Icons
    14. Quick Links
    15. Timeline
    16. Call To Action
    17. Multi tabs
    18. Custom Filters
    19. Clients
    20. Opening Hours
    21. Icon
    22. Newsletter
    23. List
    24. Image Slider
    25. Verticular Multi Tabs
    26. Video
    27. Video Slider
    28. Vehicles Search
    29. Vehicles Conditions Tabs
    30. Vehicles By Type
    31. Potenza Share
    32. Custom menu
  10. Theme Translation
    1. Translate with Poedit
    2. Translate with Loco Translate
    3. Translate with WPML Plugin
  11. Extra
    1. VINquery Decoder
    2. Vehicles Compare Functionality
    3. Financing Calculator
    4. Vehicles Category
    5. GEO fencing
    6. Promo Code
    7. Website Optimization
    8. Vehicle Review Stamps
    9. Dealer Inquiry Forms
    10. Import Functionality
      1. WP All Import
      2. Vehicle CSV Import
    11. Export Functionality
    12. PDF Generator
    13. Pricing Packages Plan (with Subscriptio Plugin)
    14. Sell Vehicle
    15. CarGurus Rating Badges
    16. GDPR Compliance
    17. Browser Support
    18. Retina Display
    19. How to rate this item
    20. WooCommerce / Shop integration
    21. Plugins Documentation
    22. Image Size
    23. Google Analytics
    24. Car Dealer 3.7.0
  12. FAQs
    1. How to add Custom Fields
    2. How to Remove Vehicle Attributes/Fields from Vehicle Details Page?
    3. WPALLIMPORT or ALLIMPORT common mistakes
    4. WebManager Integration
    5. How to make sold vehicle page?
    6. How to edit footer contents?
    7. Unable to Import Sample Data
    8. Got a Query?
    9. How do I contact support when support system down?
    10. How to Fix Outdated WooCommerce Templates?
    11. Getting Limit Error on Purchase Code Activation?
    12. How To Hide Out of Stock Products?
    13. Sample Data Look Different than Demo Pages?
    14. Enable WPBakery Page Builder in Posts and Custom Post Types?
    15. Missing style sheet error when installing the theme
    16. Unable to Save Page with WPBakery Page Builder
    17. Unable to use WP bakery page builder after WordPress update.
    18. Change the image of Sold Car?
    19. Translate car attributes in different language?
    20. Disable "Add Car" button from menu?
    21. How to change "Add Car" button text?
    22. Use Contact form 7 instead of Custom forms in Car detail page?
    23. Remove required field validation from Front End Car Submission form?
    24. Add/remove filters on the inventory page?
    25. Display Address and Phone number in the TopBar?
    26. Order the attributes on the car detail page?
    27. How to use "Pricing Plan" feature of Car Dealer theme?
    28. Why are all homepage demos not displayed until I install the default demo?
    29. Edit Inventory page with WpBakery/Elementor
    30. How to Fix a 403 Forbidden Error
    31. How to add a logo in the Make/Body Style attribute?
    32. Edit "Home Listing" Page
  13. Source & Credits
  14. Videos
  16. Changelog

Lead Forms

The theme comes with below 5 built-in lead forms. In addition, you can show/hide specific lead form forms using Enable/Disable option in each form settings.

Each form, except “Email To Friend”, will send emails in the three formats (HTML, ADF, and Text) with details of the vehicle. You can enable/disable and configure each mail format as per your requirements. The submitted details for each form (except “Email To Friend”) will be stored in the “Inquiries” section in the admin panel.


  • To use the Google reCaptcha with lead forms, you will have to integrate your site with Google reCaptcha and provide “Site Key” and “Secret Key” in the “Google API Settings (Theme Options > Google API Settings)
  • In the case of the “Inquiry Form” (“Car Dealer – Inquiry” widget), the inquiry information will be received without vehicle details, as it will be displayed on all pages where the sidebars appear.

Use “Contact Form 7”

You can also use “Contact Form 7” (hereinafter referred to as CF7) forms instead of a built-in custom lead form. We prepared all the lead forms in CF7, with the same field structure as built-in lead forms.

You can download the CF7 forms from the below link and can import them using the WordPress Import tool.

Download CF7 Forms Download CF7 Forms (Singles)

To use the CF7 form, follow the below steps:

  1. First, download the CF7 forms from the above link and extract it.
  2. Go to Admin Panel > Tools > Import. Under WordPress (if you haven’t already installed the importer, click “Install Now” first), click the “Run Importer” link. And import file downloaded and extracted in step #1.
    Note: Please refer to this document (WordPress Import) for more information about the WordPress Import tool.
  3. Once the import is done, go to Admin Panel > Contact > Contact Forms, and copy the shortcode of any imported lead form.
  4. Then, go to Theme Options > Lead Forms > Form Tab (for the form whose shortcode is copied in step #3, for example, if you copied the shortcode of the “Make an Offer” form, select “Make an Offer” tab).
  5. Select “Yes” in the “Use Contact Form 7” field. Selecting “Yes” will display the “Contact Form 7 Shortcode” field. For “Trade-In Appraisal” form, just enable the form and “Use Contact Form 7” field is not applicable for this form
  6. Enter the CF7 form’s shortcode (copied in step #3) in the “Contact Form 7 Shortcode” field.
  7. Then, finally, save the theme option.

Translate “Contact Form 7” Forms

To translate the lead forms (built with Contact Form 7) with WPML, please refer to the below document from WPML.
Using Contact Form 7 with WPML

Contact Form 7: Important Note

If using CF7 form, instead of the built-in form

  • The form’s all functionality will be handled by the CF7 plugin itself.
  • The theme will not store the CF7 form’s data in the “Lead Form Inquiries” section. So, you will have to use any third-party plugin to store the CF7 form’s data.
  • If a lead form (built with CF7), is used on any other page/post instead of the vehicle detail page, it will not send the vehicle detail in the mail.
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